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The best option of the cloud-based CRM system for your business

The system crm4team is made just for the achievements of your goals.

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Are you looking for the best option of the cloud-based CRM system?

Your business has already gone through the early stage startups, you’ve got collaborators, customers, agreements and you need to manage all this?


crm4team is made just for the achievements of these goals. We’ve done a great job to find the platform where the crm4team service will work, and this is it! It’s working!

The CRM platform where the crm4team service works, is an upgraded vTiger CRM.

The platform has stood the test of time and that of different companies. There is no doubt that you won’t find a better CRM solution. And it’s upgraded now as a result of our two-years’ work on the modification of the old and the development of the new functionality for this platform.

crm4team Benefits

Access to a clear client base, deals, invoices and payments. The statuses provide you with a complete picture of the situation in the sales department.

The customer and manager activity is kept in the system and it’s available anytime, anywhere, and from any gadget.

No limits. As many customers, users and deals as you want! The functionality is not limited and it doesn’t depend on the rate. You get the whole.
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crm4team Advantages

VOIP Providers

crm4team cloud-based crm can connect to any VoIP Providers. After integration you will have possibility to analyze call's quantity and durations. All calls will be linked to Organizations, Contacts or Leads. You can listen record from cloud crm directly.

Module Management

The built in crm4team Studio allows you to switch modules on and off, to hide / add fields, to make them obligatory for filling in, to set the values of drop- down lists, module cards and many other things quickly and without any programming. More than 80% of the basic needs are fulfilled with the help of the built in Studio, we will help you fulfill the other 20%.

Subscription plan

At any subscription plan crm4team into the CRM already integrated and available for use the Workflow Designer. Everything you need to automation is to go through a three steps - just select a module for automation, specify the launch condition and select an action the system must perform.

Graphical widgets

Graphical Widgets on the Home Page will allow you to keep the activities of the Sales Department and Production under control without additional clicks. Sales funnel, the effectiveness of managers / sales channels, etc. – all key indicators can be easily transferred from the Reports Module to Home Page.

Predefined Reports

After registration cloud-based crm you will be available to use all predefined basic reports. If their is not enough you can use the built-in Report Designer. One of the features crm4team is the ability to create reports via a direct sql request to the database.


Cloud-based crm4team allow you to connect an unlimited numbers of lead webforms from landing pages. All the Leads from your landing pages will fall into one crm marked with what the website came from. So no requests will be lost and is guaranteed to reach the Manager.

Employee notification

Cloud-based crm4team can automatically notify employees or customer by Pop-up, Email or SMS. Set up workflow processing results of which will be sending notifications that your employees will always be informed of the receipt of the new lead, and clients to receive a notification when changing the status of their orders.

Sharing Rules

Employees of a Sales Department will have access only to those modules, functions and data that they need for work. Build-in Sharing Rules module available you immediately after registration. No one will see anything extra - you can even hide specific fields from specific employee.

Mail Manager

Subscription on any plan crm4team enables you to work with Emails. Each employee can plug in your email box. Using Mail Manager module you can quickly bind the incoming message to the customer or to create on its basis a new.

Pipeline View

Tracking sales stages or lead status in KanBan helps your sales managers understand upcoming pipelines. Cloud-based crm4team allows you to set KanBan Mode for any embedded modules you need.

Progress Bar

Move opportunity or lead to final stage by useful progress bar in profile card. Such progress bar can be easy added to any embedded modules in cloud-based crm4team. 

Embedded Support

Any cloud-based crm4team user from any subscription plans have access to our Support Team directly from crm. Our Support Team will send answers and solutions to customer`s crm4team automaticaly with user notification.

FREE trial

Are you in search of an effective cloud-based CRM solution with no limits?

Try the crm4team service for free and experience its full power. After 14 days of free trial you can pay for the service and continue using it.
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For the quick start

11$ per month

up to 25 users
3Gb in cloud for files and database


Pay for a year and save

21$ per month

from 25 to 50 users
dedicated VDS, SSD 30GB 2 core Intel Xeon RAM 2Gb


For your business goals

61$ per month

more then 50 users
dedicated VDS, SSD 50GB 4 core Intel Xeon RAM 4Gb

* for ALL users. No functional limits! 2 years subscription Our mission is to turn your small business into a big one! FAST! OPTIMALLY! EFFECTIVELY!

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